Mom to Mom: Moving tips

Here are some moving tips everyone should know about. As we all know, moving from one house to another can be extremely stressful.

Up first, we’ve got rolling luggage to store anything heavy. My personal favorite is stashing all those books in there. So once you put them in, you can roll it straight on the truck and not have to worry about lifting anything heavy.

Up next, saran wrap. It will be your best friend. I like to use it for my silverware. I just pull the whole tray out and wrap it all around it, and I secure it in a box.

The last one is probably one of my favorites, and I just recently found out about this. You take garbage bags and put it over your hanging clothes. I found that 10 on a hanger fits perfectly. Once you get it bagged up on the hanger, you can tie it and keep it in a nice little area, therefore making it easy to switch from one house to another.

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