Mom to Mom: Clean Teeth

(41NBC/WMGT) — Getting your kids to brush their teeth can be difficult, but with this fun little craft you’ll be able to help them hopefully gain a newfound interest in it.

So all you need is some construction paper and some jumbo size marshmallows and some glue and maybe some Play-Doh if you want to really get in there and teach them how to do it.  Start with cutting the construction paper into a  mouth — you just want to cut a long oval. Once you have that cut, then you can get your jumbo marshmallows, which is really fun for the kids to get involved in this, because whatever it is about marshmallows, they love to play with them. Take some glue and put a pretty good size amount on the marshmallows and just go along the side of the bottom, and then you do the top, so it looks like you have a giant mouth, let that sit for a few hours.

Once you have your mouth complete is when you can start teaching them the fun part of dental health. What you want to do is take your Play-Doh, break off a little piece and put it on the tooth that you have. Maybe in between the teeth and on top, and then take the toothbrush and show them how to get in between the teeth, behind the teeth and on top. It’s just a fun little activity that your kids will love.

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