Under the Hood: Importance of changing cabin filter

In this segment of Under the Hood, Sam Raffield talks about your car’s cabin filter.

“Now a lot of people have no idea what we’re talking about when we say your cabin filter needs to be replaced because it’s dirty,” Sam said. “People immediately think about a car’s air filter. We’re talking about the air going into your motor. Everybody knows you don’t need the air going into your motor, choking your motor if the air filter’s dirty.”

Filtering the air in the vehicle

Sam says a lot of people don’t understand that the cabin filter is filtering the air inside your vehicle.

“This cabin filter does the same thing that your home’s air filter does for your home,” Sam said. “And certainly you don’t want to be breathing all the pollen and all the road dust. When a car is zooming down the road, it’s kicking up a lot of dust, it’s kicking up a lot of pollen, and all that’s going right into the cabin of your car and y’all are breathing that.”

Sam says when someone tells and shows you that your cabin filter needs replacing, follow through on it.

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