Tiny homes give the homeless with disabilities a place to live

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A partnership between Macon-Bibb and River Edge Behavioral Health is giving the homeless a place to call home.

There’s a tiny home village in East Macon, where the homeless with mental disabilities can live on their own.

The homes maybe tiny, but they’re going to make a big impact on lives.

On Maynard Street in the Fort Hill neighborhood, River Edge Behavioral Health is giving some people a second chance at life.

”We do know there will be several people taken off the streets. They’ll be housed,” River Edge Behavioral Health Residential Supervisor Nykhia Burke-Cummings said.

The units are a cozy 349 square feet, and come with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and full-size bathroom.

”It’s a one bedroom house for someone who doesn’t have anything and needs somewhere to stay and help them if they have mental health issues and help them with recovery. Having a roof over their head is a big move to help them achieve their recovery,” Chief Facility and Development Officer, at River Edge, Cass Hatcher said.

Keys to a new home is just one step to helping the residents.

“They’re responsible for 30-percent of the rent. If they don’t have an income, of course the amount of rent will be $0. They will have case management services where case managers will work with them on getting employment, or work on their disability benefits. They will also assist them in maintaining the properties and coming out to make monthly home visits,” Burke-Cummings said.

Residents will go through a coordinated entry system through the Salvation Army.


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