Tech Byte: A Preview of the PS5

Gaming has entered uncharted territory with the new Sony PlayStation 5.

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo looks at the features of this new console.                  

Sony’s new flagship console, the PlayStation 5, is a big achievement in the gaming world. 

Its massive size dwarfs its predecessor and is matched by its powerful processors. 

The Ultra-High Speed SSD helps you play games with near-instant load time! 

And the graphics are better than ever before with an 8K output built-in. 

There are two versions of the console. 

The normal PS5, which costs $499, and the PS5 digital edition, which is $100 less. 

Sony has also announced several accessories. 

The new DualSense wireless controller has a sleek design for sure, but that’s just the start.

Sony says it creates a highly immersive gaming experience, featuring their new haptic feedback that responds to your actions within the game.  

It also features a built-in microphone and an integrated speaker. 

You can also get immersed with the new PULSE 3D Wireless Headset.  

This gives a realistic soundscape that puts you in the center of all the action.

The PS5 and PS5 digital are available for pre-order and will launch on November 12.

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