Sick Sea Birds Wash Up On Florida Beaches

(NBC NEWS) Scores of rare sea birds are washing up on central Florida beaches, starving and near death.

Northern Gannets are rarely seen in Brevard County, but they migrate far off the coast, heading to their breeding grounds on the coastal cliffs of Maine and Canada.

In a tragedy that’s not been seen there in more than 15 years, many are not making it.

“They are usually very exhausted, very thin, and it’s just touch and go whether they’re going to make it or not,” said Tracy Frampton at the Florida Wildlife Hospital.

Since late March, Frampton says the hospital has received a total of 85 birds.

In a few cases, the Northern Gannets have regained their strength, and can be released to resume their migration.

Biologists aren’t sure why so many haven’t been able to find or catch the fish they need to survive.

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