Report: Cola Additive Causes Cancer

For many of us a daily drink of cola is pretty common, but the Center for Science in the Public Interest has some serious concerns over dark colored sodas and is now is asking the Food and Drug Administration to ban certain “caramel coloring”.

“The government conducted studies several years ago showing contaminants in the caramel coloring that caused cancer in laboratory animals,” says the CSPI’s Michael Jacobsen.

The “caramel coloring” found in some sodas is made by reacting sugars with ammonia, resulting in what some studies found were carcinogenic chemicals.

That type of caramel coloring can also be found in things like some soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, whiskey or even dark beers.

The CSPI says it’s all unnecessary.

“Caramel coloring doesn’t add nutritional value its not a preservative its only there for the color,” Jacobsen explains.

As part of a broader law California is considering warning labels on soda cans.

The Beverage Association of America said the CSPI is using scare tactics, insisting there is no evidence of carcinogens in soft drinks.

Some doctors say there’s really not much danger.

“You’d have to drink about 10,000 bottles of coke a day for a lifetime in order to get that amount to see any effect,” says Vanderbilt University Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Fred Guengerich.

The FDA says it is assessing the potential risks and will then decide if regulation is needed.

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