Mom to Mom: Learning with fidget toys

Pop fidgets are so popular among the little ones, and here’s you how you can put these to some good use with learning through alphabet or numbers.

The first step is to get a fidget toy, which you can find most anywhere. Take a fidget and write on them with a Sharpie and go down the line with the alphabet. That way you can practice the alphabet with your little kiddos, or you can practice spelling when they get in kindergarten or first grade. If they are learning their numbers, you can write the numbers on there as well, and can even do adding and subtracting.

For example, after putting the alphabet on a fidget toy, you can ask your child to pop different letters that you ask them to find, or even spell out words. It’s a fun, super easy way to get their little minds going.

Having these little pop fidgets are super great, and when you can add learning to it, it makes them even better.

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