Middle Georgia Cold Cases: Jones County Hit-and-Run Homicide

GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Almost two years ago to the day, a Jones County mother was talking to her son asking him to watch the door as she went to take a shower. Little did she know, that would be the last time she’d hear his voice.A memorial on Wheeler Road in Gray is all Vicky Green has left of her son.  “I have a little box that I keep his dirty clothes that he had worn that I hadn’t washed when they told me that Shaun has passed. I had to keep a little box,” Vicky says. Her oldest son, Marquis – who she refers to by his nickname “Shaun” – was killed there.

“We’ve narrowed down the time frame when we believe he was struck by a passing vehicle to approximately 10:22 p.m. the night before,” Major Earl Humphries says.

Drivers speed down Wheeler Road all the time, and investigators say it’s possible the driver didn’t see Marquis when they hit him.

“He would do anything for his mama, anything. All I had to do was breath it,” Vicky says.

A person exercising found his body in a ditch. Still, no one had come forward for committing the crime, and now investigators are trying to track down the vehicle that hit Marquis.

“More specifically, interested in any vehicle that may be up just be a little higher off the ground, either jacked up or with larger tires, a heavy duty bumper. Those types of vehicle are what we’re interested in,” Humphries says.

“Even if he was to turn himself in today, it’ll be very hard for me to deal with him/her, whoever,” Vicky says.

A mother with a broken heart, “I come out here Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July, you name it, I’m here,” Vicky says.

Left with memories, “I got his tattoo on on my leg a couple of weeks ago. He’s with every step I take, every breath I make, every time I pray, I think about that. That’s mine,” Vicky says.

“What we are hoping for is going to be some individual out there that has that key piece of information that is going to help us identify the person responsible for Mr. Lawson’s death,” Humphries says.

Information that will help Vicky and her family as she continues to wait for justice. “I have my good days and bad days. You know it’s hard,” Vicky says.

Marquis leaves behind three children. His mother, Vicky, who used to live on the road where Marquis was killed, has since moved. If you have any information on who hit and killed Marquis Lawson call the Jones County Sheriff’s Office at 478-986-3489.

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