Marching for unity

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Hundreds of people are expected to march through Macon on Saturday in honor of Macon Unity Day. The community will stand against discrimination and will voice concerns to Macon-Bibb county leaders.

“This is about the whole community coming together and supporting each other,” said March on Macon organizer, Bentley Hudgins.

When Hudgins isn’t studying for midterms at Mercer University, he’s fighting discrimination.

“I am bisexual and I’m a member of the LGBT community,” said Hudgins. “I’ve had experiences where I was being treated less than because of my orientation.”

So he’s taking his experience and marching with it. Hudgins organized The March on Macon at Rosa Parks Square. It’ll take place on Saturday, March 11th. Macon-Bibb County Commissioners declared it Macon Unity Day.

“This is just a way to publicly, in broad day light, in front of everyone, to see that our local representatives care,” said Hudgins. “And that they’re there for us and want to ensure the livelihood and the protection of everyone in this community.”

The commission will vote Tuesday on a resolution that supports the march on behalf of Macon-Bibb County.

Commissioner Elaine Lucas co-sponsored the resolution with Commissioner Larry Schlesinger. Commissioner Lucas says she’ll be at the March on Saturday.

“When you have marches, and you have other acts that show that you’re concerned about these things,” said Commissioner Lucas. “I think it diminishes some of that discrimination.”

Hudgins also hopes with the support of the commission, they’ll be able to go back and revisit some of the language in the Macon-Bibb Code of Ordinances.

“Things like sexual orientation and sexual identity aren’t in there,” Hudgins said. “As well as the predicates under those ordinances, like a religious belief.”

Hudgins says this march is the first step to getting there, and making the county he loves so much progressive.

“We need to start getting ourselves in discourse and dialogue and figure out where we stand as a community with what we want and what we want to see,” Hudgins said.

The March on Macon will start at Coleman Hill at 5 p.m. and end at Rosa Parks Square. To find out more about the march, click here.

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