Macon City Council Talks Plans for SPLOST

Tonight, Macon City Council met to discuss Bibb County’s vision for the SPLOST, if voters decide to pass the tax on the November ballot.

Bibb County’s penny tax wish list includes $42 million designated for recreation and cultural arts. Council is concerned that the county’s list of ideas is not in line with what the voters want. They also fear, many places that need help in the city, were left off the proposal.

“We certainly are under served in the unincorporated areas so we know that we need more facilities there, but I’m concerned that if we don’t allow for maintenance for our current facilities, then they’re going to continue to deteriorate and once recreation shifts over to the county I don’t want them to be at the bottom of the priority list,” says Lauren Benedict, Macon City Council.

President James Timley, asked council to come up with their own list of projects they believe need to be included in the SPLOST. They will meet again on Monday to discuss these ideas.

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