Heart Patients Now Have Access to a MRI-safe Device

Pacemakers are hugely beneficial for heart patients, but they’re generally not safe for use in MRI machines, and that can limit treatment for a host of problems. A new MRI-safe pacemaker may change all of that.

Dr. Narendra Kanuru of Kennestone Hospital says “we’ve been excited and waiting on something like this for patients for literally years.”

It looks just like the old one.

Dr. Kanuru says “this is the old standard pacemaker, and this is the new MRI safe pacemaker. and the reality is in terms of size and weight and shape, they’re virtually identical.”

And better.

Dr. Kanuru says “the new Revo MRI SureScan pacemaker allows patients to be able to have an MRI done, an important test in detecting a number of issues such as cancer, such as neurologic events like stroke, or things like spine imaging for people who have got things like pinched nerves, disk and back problems.

The whole procedure took about 45 minutes, with doctors placing the device near the chest then attaching it to the heart.

And the patient? He was even upbeat even on the operating table, joking with the doctor not to leave any of his heart out and even asked about his favorite pastime.

Dr. Kanuru says “he asked about swimming, and whether he can swim. Generally we allow our patients to have unrestricted activity including swimming, golfing, playing tennis, or weightlifting for that matter in about a month or so.”

Keeping not only their heart healthy, but their overall lives.

More information can be found at: http://www.medtronicexperience.com/patient/revo/#/us/Revo/Home/

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