Gordon residents, Representative Epps disappointed no quorum at council

GORDON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Gordon residents came to the city hall annex Monday night expecting their leaders to take action on city business, but only three council members showed up.

Four people are required to be present to vote on agenda items. Monday night’s list had two old items and five new items that were set to be addressed.

Several frustrated residents spoke out about their leaders’ absence.

State Representative Bubber Epps was in attendance as well, and told 41NBC he too was disappointed that several leaders decided to skip the meeting. He said the charter mandates council members “shall” attend meetings as part of their duty.

“I think it’s their responsibility, as representatives of the city government to be here, to be active, to be engaged, to represent the citizens of this city in carrying forth the business. I’m disappointed that this is not happening,” said Epps.

Mayor Pro Tem Terry Eady tells 41NBC none of them notified anyone in advance that they would be absent. Eady added, he’s going to reach out to the missing members for an explanation and the state to find out if there are any consequences for missing the meeting.

City attorney update

One of the agenda items that couldn’t be addressed at Monday night’s meeting was the city attorney’s status.

No action could be taken, but Eady did tell the crowd he’s using Joseph Boone, the ousted city attorney, for any legal questions.

Eady believes, based on the city charter, the votes to oust Joseph Boone and hire interim city attorney Ronny Jones, were both done illegally.

“As far as I’m concerned both of those votes were not legal by our city charter,” said Eady.

He explained, three council members voted to get rid of Boone, two voted to keep him, and one abstained. The mayor also voted in favor of firing him which bumped the ‘yay’ votes up to four.

According to Eady, the charter says the mayor can only vote in a tie. Since there was one abstaining vote the mayor should not have had a say, says Eady.

The voting pattern was exactly the same to give the mayor the power to appoint the interim attorney, according to Eady, which is also a violation of the city charter.

Boone confirms he is still getting money from the city for invoices he’s submitted.

Jones tells 41NBC he’s planning on submitting invoices for his work as well.

Since council did not meet formally Monday night, it’s still unclear who will be in that position going forward.

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