Experts say a Weather Alert Radio could save your life

BONAIRE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – As severe weather approaches a Weather Alert Radio could mean the difference between life and death.

Bruce Jones, Meteorologist and Spokesperson for Midland Radio Corporation, said “If bad weather comes at 2 am this radio will wake you up.”

Experts say Tornados kill more than 100 Americans each year and millions of us have to deal with the threat of severe weather. Jones told us, “America has the worst weather on earth we get more tornadoes hurricanes floods we get it all.”

At the Kroger in Bonaire, 41-NBC, Midland Radio Corporate and Houston County Emergency Management agency had weather alert radios for everyone to buy.

Jimmy Williams, the Director of Houston County Emergency Management Agency said, “Early warning is the best thing to have. These radios do it our code red phone system does that and other warning sirens do that. But you can’t depend on just one you have to have all three of them to make sure you get the warning.”

Peach County resident Betty Jo Calhoun always keeps her weather alert radio on. She came by Kroger’s to get a new one. She said, “Because I live in an old house in the country and I live by myself. I like to have a weather radio so it can warm me if there’s a storm coming.”

41-NBC, Midland Radio Corporation, and Houston County Emergency Management Agency all working together to people around Middle Georgia as safe as possible when destructive and sometimes even deadly severe weather hits.

Since 2010 Houston County officials say they’ve had more than seventeen hundred people buy Weather Alert Radios.


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