Dublin Police Department’s Transformer Project nears completion

DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A year ago Dublin Police started construction on three abandoned homes in the community near Stubbs Park.

Today the last home is a month shy of being complete. Now their Transformer Project is leading the way to revitalizing the area.

“Right down the street someone is redoing a house in this area.” An area one Dublin woman says was a different place 40 years ago.

“Everybody kept their yards clean and we looked after one another,” she recalled.

Now in a domino effect of sorts, Dublin Police are ‘transforming’ the neighborhood brick by brick.

“You can see there are a lot of changes occurring in this area,” said Chief of Police Tim Chatman.

Changes like re-purposing those once abandoned properties into a community precinct, one of which is a space where neighbors can take classes to earn a GED.

“We offer mentoring, we actually teach the transformer program at several of our schools in this area.”

But Chief Chatman says the renovation of buildings won’t be the only transformation.

“The Transformer Program does a number of things starting with the mind and changing the way a person think and to bring up their self worth,” he added.

They want to break down crime and poverty by building up knowledge in the neighborhood.

“So why not bring the classrooms to the people if they’re in walking distance to everything we can teach a whole lot of things under one roof?” he said.

Older neighbors are happy to see the damage that years of neglect can do…being undone.

“It’s fine with me,” said one neighbor.

The project is still under construction but making a lot of progress. The precinct also houses their bicycle division and their explorer scout head quarters.

Chief Chatman says the mayor, the police department and the city all stand behind the Transformer Initiative.

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