Customer files lawsuit against KFC for $20 million

Federal regulators opened healthcare dot gov for consumers to browse for plans, as they announced that rates will be up 25 percent, on average.

The department of health and human services also warned that more than one in five consumers using Obamacare will only have one insurer from which to choose coverage.

Officials emphasized that the vast majority of people shopping on will pay less than $100 a month for premiums when tax credits are included.

Buick became the first auto brand from Detroit’s big 3 automakers in three decades Monday to place in the top three in consumer reports’ annual ranking of the most reliable automobiles.

The general motors brand was third behind Lexus and Toyota.

Buick has also emerged as a top performer in other industry studies.

Stocks ended with gains Monday, getting a lift from a heavy round of merger announcements, including AT&T’s planned acquisition of Time Warner.

The DOW gained 77 points with Walmart, Boeing and Microsoft leading the way.

A KFC customer in New York is suing the fast food chain for $20 million, accusing it of deliberately misleading customers about how much chicken they get with this offer.

The plaintiff says she purchased a family fill up meal for $20.

But rather than receive a bucket filled with chicken, she says the bucket was only half full.

She says that’s deceptive advertising and wants 20 million dollars.

Girl Scouts is teaming with general mills to make girl scout cookie flavored cereals.

The two flavors — thin mints and caramel crunch — will be available for a limited time only.

Shoppers will be able to buy the dessert-for-breakfast boxes in January, just in time to ruin new year’s weight-loss goals.

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