Celebrating Pio Nono’s Birthday

Thanks to ZeEster Clyatt for this note:

Birthday of Pio Nono, the Pontiff Pope
By ZeEster Clyatt
Pio Nono Avenue, as far as many locals are concerned, is just another street
name, but it was actually designated in honor of the great Pontiff Pope,
Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, otherwise known as Pope Pius IX.
Pio Nono (Pee-O-Nono) is commemorated annually in the Catholic Church on
February 7, and today, May 13, happens to be his birthday.

Born in 1792, he served from 1846 –1878, a total of 31 years, 7 months and 23
days. Pio Nono is the longest -reigning pontificate of the Catholic Church to
this date.
“I think it’s interesting to know the history of Macon’s streets,” said Sam
Henderson, Executive Assistant to Mayor Robert Reichert.

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