What’s Right With Our Schools: Jeffersonville Elementary increases students’ performance through Triple A Program

JEFFERSONVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Teachers and administrators at Jeffersonville Elementary are looking to boost the school’s morale and increase students’ performance.

Students are excited about the rewards they’ve received through the school’s Triple A Program.Triple A stands for attendance, academics, and attitude. Students who do well in those areas, are rewarded with special play days, games, and food.

 “It helps the school morale,we want to keep the school morale up and we feel like if the school’s morale is up, we will have good attendance, and good academics and good attitude,” SAYS School Counselor, Jarvis Wilcher.

To be awarded for attendance, students can’t miss more than one day of school. For academics, students must have passing grades in all subjects. For attitudes, students have to avoid negative disciplinary reports. no more than one per grading period. Every nine weeks, teachers monitor students’ progress  to determine who is qualified for the Triple A incentives. 3rd grader,Bryanna Sullivan says she keeps a positive attitude in the classroom.

 “Be good in class and stay focused, and do what your teachers say,” she adds.

“I’ve learned that, that you shouldn’t be a follower and if you become a follower sometimes it will lead you in the wrong path instead of the right one, “says 5th Grader, Jayden Rouse.

Being a leader isn’t easy but the students here at Jeffersonville Elementary are building a foundation early.

“If they don’t have those basic skills that of actually coming to work on time, like they do to school, and they don’t want to be there, then they’re not gonna be able to be productive citizens in our workforce,” explains Trendie Spires, Assistant Prncipal.

The students realize the incentives are motivators, but that the education is the real reward.

“It’s hard to do the right thing but you have to do it in order to succeed in what you want to do, 5th grader, Shadae Thorpe says.

“Once they’re older, they’ll see that working hard helps pay off in the end,”Kindergarten Teacher, Juanecia Stephens continues.

Principal Jamie Paulk says, “So we really trying to push our students beyond here to get to life after here.”

This is the first year the school has used the Triple A program.
Administrators say they hope their new approach motivates other students who aren’t meeting expectations to get on board.

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