What’s Right With Our Schools: School club builds young girls’ self-esteem

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A group of girls are coming together and standing strong for one common goal.

“To help increase self esteem, self awareness and self empowerment skills in our young girls,” says Heroylin Hatcher Sponsor for CCMS Lady Eagles Club.

Crawford County Middle School started “Lady Eagles Club” to help girls become confident in everything they do. Educators say the club allows their students to have respect for themselves. The girls participate in community service projects, visit nursing homes and give back to those in need. Lending a helping hand and interacting with others are making them great leaders.

“I use to have trouble making decisions on like what to do, but when I entered this club and started learning stuff, it’s helped me build up my confidence and making choices,” says Lilly Gallagher who is a member.

Hatcher explains, “When they get into high school, when they get into college, if they go into the military, whatever job they end up in, whatever career field, they are going to be able to stand on their own and not allow peers and society tell them what to do, alter their path,they will be able to say I am who I am, I know what I stand for and I’m not going to allow others to pressure me to do things that is against my principles.”

In addition, the club gives young girls the option to do any job that they want.

Sponsor Barbara Webb says, “We’re trying to encourage these girls to go towards the STEM program which is science, technology, engineering and math jobs. Encouraging them to go beyond just being a mom or a teacher, something beyond those steps that they can be anything that they want to be.”

“I want to be an engineer,” club member Brianna Peppers adds.

Another member, Janisha Talton says, “I’m glad I joined this club because it helped me make better decisions.”

This is the club’s second year and the girls meet twice a month.


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