Sunburned Eyes: Don’t Forget to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

It’s that time of year. Breakout the sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Don’t forget about your eyes. The sun can have a devastating impact if you’re not protected.

Dr. Ronald Mancini of the FACS/UT Southwestern Medical Center says “UV light is something we’re all being bombarded with every day.”

And the eyes, particularly the tender skin of the eyelid, is vulnerable.

Dr. Mancini says “if the eyelids are prime real estate. we don’t have much tissue there. so any injury to them can cause significant problems.”

Problems like cancer as we see in pictures provided by Dr. Ronald Mancini.

Dr. Mancini says “here, we have some common eyelid lesions that we often will encounter from uv light and sun exposure. this is probably the most common. it’s called the basal cell carcinoma.”

More people should. Nearly one in four don’t know sun exposure can cause serious eye damage, according to a national survey by sunglass store N31 optics.

Vickie Morris, who wears sunglasses, says “we were all kind of taken back at just how astounding that statistic is. and the fact, we’ve all been in the sunglass industry a long time but to find out so many folks are unaware, it makes our job even that much greater to be able to educate. It’s a piece of equipment.and it’s important to have the right equipment.”

And men willingly spend more on sunglasses than women. The store’s survey showed 54% of men pay more than $100 on sunglasses.

Dr. Mancini says “you want high uv blocking potential to the glasses and that can come in glasses that are costly and very not much so costly.”

Protect the eyes, yes, protect the image, too.

Sunglasses – a statement of style and function.

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