Staying warm and sunny this week

We have had a great start to the week (at least weather-wise) in Middle Georgia.

We will be continuing that trend the rest of the week with more sunshine and highs in the 80s.

There will be a slow warm up into the low 90s by the middle of the week, but otherwise, not much to write home about as far as the forecast.
A dry cold front will be pushing south, moving through Middle Georgia Friday, so we won’t be seeing much of a cool down until the weekend.

Even when we finally do see the cool down, it will only be a change of a few degrees.

Rain should be holding off until the start of next week, and even then the signal for more rain is looking pretty weak.
Of note, as we head into the next week, we are keeping an eye on two developing systems in the Atlantic, as well as Hurricane Sam.

We don’t know where these two systems will head, but they are still pretty far out.

Right now we can just enjoy our stretch of warm, dry weather.

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