State training center building new fire aerial ladder in Forsyth

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The fire division at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center is investing more than half a million dollars into a new truck.

When you’re at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth — it’s all action.

The center’s fire academy division trains hundreds of firefighters every year and Deputy Chief Mike Byrd says they haven’t been able to do so to their fullest potential.

“We actually borrow a ladder from the city of Forsyth Fire Department and they bring theirs into use,” Byrd said.

The academy is replacing a 30-year-old aerial ladder with a new one.

“We worked with them to develop our plan and we put it all together and designed this truck,” Capt. Greg McKibben said, referring to designing the new truck.

He said the new aerial will tower up to 75 feet, a little more than six stories.

“We’re going to incorporate the same to keep all of our trucks the same from this point on, so we’re going to stay with this color scheme,” McKibben said.

The academy is using half a million dollars in grant for the truck and putting in several thousand of its own.

The new $633,000 truck will help firefighters across the state learn how approach situations from different vantage points.

“One class that we’ve needed for a very long time is aerial operations, our truck company operations. So we’re going to develop a class that teaches how to position it for elevated master streams,” Byrd said.

A helpful tool to train the newest firefighters.

“By having this ladder at the state fire academy, they can come here and have the ability to train on it,” Byrd said.

The aerial truck is supposed to be a medium sized truck. Plans are to have it finished by March or April of 2017.

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