Southwest Airlines loses big after outage

Southwest Airlines announced more details about the outage, including some general information about how much the incident will cost the carrier.

The Dallas Morning News estimates all the lost revenue, refunded tickets, vouchers and other things will cost 82 million dollars.

The computer system failure caused Southwest Airlines to cancel or delay more than 2,000 flights last month.

Student loan borrowers appear to be safe from a potential flood of robocalls.

The FCC will limit the number of calls companies can make to borrowers to three times a month and they can’t call family and friends to try to collect. Consumer advocates had worried that borrowers would be barraged by calls.

All three major stock indexes closed at a record high Thursday for the first time since 1999.

They propelled to new records on a big rally in crude oil.

The Dow closed up 118 points.

Fans of Disney World’s Main Street Electrical Parade will have to head to California to see it come October, after the park announced that the nightly event is shutting down and moving to Disneyland.

Included among the larger-than-life light displays is a 23-foot-tall clock tower and Pete’s dragon — which breathes smoke and wags his tail.

The last day for it is October 9th.

Disney didn’t say what was behind the decision.

Bottled Starbucks pumpkin spice latte will be everywhere this fall, not just Costco.

You’ll be able to buy it at unspecified “major grocery stores” for under three bucks.

And the pumpkin spice k-cups will be hitting stores.

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