Severe thunderstorm threat continues for Middle Georgia overnight

Despite the break from storms we have seen this afternoon, several more rounds of severe storms are possible tonight and tomorrow.

After a stormy start for much of Middle Georgia, we have gotten a few hours of a reprieve this afternoon.

That is short-lived however because more storms are on the way from Alabama within the next few hours.

You will notice that parts of Alabama have been upgraded to a level 4(of 5) severe threat, while we remain in level 2.

I will note that we were in a level 2 when the tornado came through Milledgeville this morning, so this is serious.
We are looking at all potential storm impacts possible for this evening.

Tornadoes will be possible across all of Middle Georgia, though this will be the more isolated threat.

Damaging wind gusts up to 60 mph will be possible in any storms that form.

The SPC has all of Middle Georgia under a “hatched” area for severe hail.

This means that storms that contain hail, in this environment, could produce large, damaging hail stones.

Now would be a good time to move your cars somewhere under cover.

Not only will we see the chance for all those severe impacts, but many areas have also seen a lot of rain today, so flooding will be possible as well.
Our latest models are showing storms starting to move into the area within the next few hours.

Make sure you know where your safe spot is in case of a tornado, and make sure you have a way to get your severe weather warnings.

Please take shelter inside if hail is impacting your area.

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