Senators slamming Wells Fargo

U.S. Senators aren’t letting up on Wells Fargo.

This week, a group of 8 signed a letter to the Labor Secretary encouraging an investigation to see if the bank violated wage law by making workers stay late to meet sales goals without pay.

Wells Fargo has yet to respond.

Americans will spend more on treats, pumpkins and costumes this Halloween than they have in at least the last 11 years.

The new poll from the National Retail Federation projects that Halloween revelers will spend $8.4 billion preparing for and celebrating the fall holiday.

That breaks down to an average of $82.93 per shopper.

It was another record high for the NASDAQ as Amazon closed above 800 dollars a share for the first time ever.

The decision to not raise interest rates by the Fed also sent the Dow higher by 99 points.

One of the most troubling trends from the great recession may be turning around.

Homebuilders say they are seeing millennials moving out of their parents basements and buying their own homes.

And KB Homes says if they aren’t buying homes yet, they are planning to in the near future.

Target has ended its pilot program of small shopping carts for kids to push around the store.

Turns out, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that kids were terrorizing parents with them.

There are also reports on Twitter of kids running fast down the large aisles with them.

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