Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announces launch of new voter registration system in Georgia

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In a release from the office of Secretary Raffensperger, details about Georgia’s partnership with Salesforce to build a new system on higher security servers with faster processing power and up to date secure technology come to light, as well as information about how MTX Group Inc. is the implementation partner for the new voter registration system that are replacing Georgia’s current voter registration system: ElectioNet. These changes shouldn’t effect Georgia voter’s voting experience, but will only effect the administrative side of the system.

The new system is called the Georgia Registered Voter Information System (GRVIS), which will sit on secure Salesforce servers using cloud technology services authorized at a federal level.

This partnership and change in the voter registration system comes as Raffensperger pushes for the modernization of voting, as well as the implementation of scalable, resilient, and secure technology. The release also says that with this change, Georgia is the number one election system in the country for election security as ranked by the Heritage Foundation. Salesforce has a long history of working with high-level government partners, including the Department of Defense. Georgia Voter Registration will be at the same level as Salesforce’s most sensitive clients, the release says.

County and local elections officials have already been introduced to the new system and will be training on it in the coming weeks and months. After this training is finished, the new system will be launched statewide, however, the old system will still be open for use while implementing and learning how to use the new one.

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