Scattered storms stick around this weekend

No big surprises with the weather today, it was hot and then we saw some scattered showers and storms this afternoon and evening.

You can go ahead and pencil that same forecast in for tomorrow as well.

Highs will once again reach the mid 90s with a few pop up storm possible during the afternoon.

Sunday will be similar with higher rain chances as Tropical Depression Fred approaches overnight.
Speaking of Fred, we are getting a better idea of the path Fred will take as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend.

The general trend has been a westerly shift, which is actually good news for us here in Middle Georgia.

Although we are still technically on the “dirty” side, models keep putting the center of circulation further from Middle Georgia.

Based on the current forecast, timing for us will be Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon.
Main impact from Fred will be heavy rain, gusty winds, and a brief spin-up tornado.

The tornado threat is low and will be lower the farther away we get from the center of circulation.
The heaviest rain will also be closer to the center of circulation, which our current models show  will be staying mainly to our west and north.

Regardless, if an outer band is training over one area for a long time, we could still see some localized flooding.

Through the rest of the week will continue to deal with tropical rainfall and moisture.

The only good part of the continued rain, is that temperatures stay mainly in the 80s for the rest of the week.

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