Saturday to bring “stay inside” levels of cold


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Strong winds will keep wind chills around Middle Georgia below 30 degrees on Saturday.


Highs Today Dinky

Cloudy skies will dominate the Peach State for the majority of the daylight hours today, however they are thin enough to the point that some sun will get through here and there. The wind will pick up throughout the day from about 5 mph to 15 mph this evening, primarily out of the west-northwest. High temperatures around Middle Georgia will reach the low to mid 50s this afternoon, however wind chills will keep things feeling like the upper 40s and lower 50s. A few isolated showers are still possible this afternoon in a few of the northeastern counties in the region. The majority if not all of today’s showers will remain north of I-16.

Clear Night Lows Tonight Yikes

Cloud cover will quickly clear after the passing of the showers, bringing on clear skies well ahead of midnight. The wind will continue to increase, eventually maxing out overnight with sustained speeds over 20 mph and gusts over 30 mph. Overnight lows should drop into the mid to upper 20s, however wind chills will drop into the low teens. It would not be a bad idea to drip your faucets tonight to avoid any pipe issues.


Gusty Highs Tomorrow Yeesh

There’s good news and bad news on Saturday, with the good news being that there may not be a cloud in the sky during the daylight hours. High temperatures will reach the low to mid 40s in most of Middle Georgia. The bad news? It will never feel like 40s. It likely will not feel like it’s in the 30s at any point Saturday. The wind will continue to blow from the northwest all day at speeds between 15 and 25 mph with gusts still reaching speeds upwards of 30+ mph. These powerful winds from the northwest will likely keep wind chills below 30 degrees throughout the day on Saturday, encouraging Georgians to stay inside and stay warm.

Clear Night 2 Lows Tomorrow Night

Overnight it would be extremely wise to drip your faucets as the coldest morning of 2022 draws upon Georgia (in actual temperature). Lows will fall into the low 20s, but luckily by that point the wind will have calmed down big time, down to about 5 mph as it shifts from the northwest to the southwest. Temperatures will feel like the low 20s for anyone heading out for Church early Sunday morning.

Sunday and Beyond

I Spy A 70

A new warming trend will begin on Sunday thanks to the shift in the wind to the southwest. The speed will pick back up to about 10-15 mph with gusts over 20 mph, transporting warm and moist air into the Peach State. This will allow our highs to climb back into the 50s Sunday afternoon under sunny skies. Also, with the wind now from the southwest, wind chills will be way less noticeable.

Skies will stay clear through the overnight hours as low temperatures drop back down below freezing for most of Middle Georgia. The wind will still generally blow from the southwest but this time only between 5-10 mph.

Monday will see temperatures return to the low to mid 60s during the afternoon as cloud cover begins to return during the latter half of the day. Overnight clouds will thicken a bit as lows fall into the mid 30s around the region.

Tuesday will see highs in the mid to upper 60s under partly cloudy skies. Overnight cloud cover will return to a blanket over the region as rain looks to move in on Groundhog Day (Wednesday), likely during the afternoon hours.

7 Day Forecast For 1 28

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