Review board members take a transit tour of Pio Nono Avenue

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – When it comes to pedestrian safety, Macon-Bibb’s review board is literally on board– a bus that is.

“Today the pedestrian safety review board of Macon-Bibb county is looking at, unfortunately, recent pedestrian fatalities on Pio Nono,” said board member Brad Belo.

They took a field trip to survey some of Macon Bibb’s most dangerous intersections–and frequent sites of pedestrian deaths.

“So by coming here, looking here we see there are no sidewalks, there are no crosswalks, there are no lights if someone is crossing at night, the speeds are very fast, it’s very complicated, how would anyone cross here?” Belo added.

The safety hazards they find determine what projects along Pio Nono will be priorities.

“At each site we have an action item and it’s a takeaway from that location. Some current observations are that we really need to address some striking issues on Pio Nono and its feeder roads,” said Vice Chair Chris Tsavatewa.

No designated crosswalks near Ingram Pye Elementary and rundown side walks along Pio Nono were a few other concerns.

Fixing up feeder roads at intersections like Rocky Creek and Anthony Road that stem off of Pio Nono will also need some attention.

“Our job is to make sure GDOT remembers pedestrians are at stake here, and unfortunately pedestrians are dying here because of this intersection,” said Belo.

What Pio Nono Avenue has is a high volume of traffic. What it’s missing is more places for pedestrians to safely cross the street.

“Coming here to this location we can really get a feel for what’s going on… what the problem is,”Belo continued.

But by taking steps in a pedestrian’s shoes, board members got a better idea of how to keep Macon’s walkers and cyclists moving safely.

Following the Tuesday morning ride along, review board members voted on several recommendations to improve the quality of sidewalks as well as adding street lights to poorly lit areas along Pio Nono.

The bus ride was courtesy of the Macon Transit Authority.

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