Restaurant Report Card: Old Clinton Barbecue

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “I love the barbecue sandwiches,” said customer Ryan Hood.

It seems like you can’t get enough of the Old Clinton Barbecue sandwiches.

“I like the sauce, it just has a good flavor to it,” said Hood.

But before we give it a try–there’s a restaurant that needs to step it up this week.

Salads 2 Go at 1950 Millerfield Road in Macon scored a 48 January 14th, and tried to redeem themselves…but scored a 69.

The person in charge didn’t demonstrate knowledge about the violations,  they were serving hard boiled eggs that the person in charge cooked at home, and chopped chicken for salads was not cold enough to be stored.

Other scores this week at the health inspection website.

So some good scores this week, and if you’re looking for some southern barbecue, look no further than Old Clinton Barbecue at 2645 North Columbia Street in Milledgeville.

“I mean its just like southern heritage I mean it never goes out of style,” said Hood. “It’s a good place to come, good atmosphere, good food, good friendly people, good hospitality.”

And they’ve been doing it for a long time…the old in the name isn’t a bad thing.

“My father-in-law’s family started the barbecue business back in 1958,” said employee Marletta Michaud.

And some tastes never change.

And when it comes to staying clean, that hasn’t changed either.

“It’s very important,” said Michaud. “It cuts down on bacteria–not just food borne and like viruses, that kind of stuff. We wipe down the doors all the time, and bathroom door handles, and you know, all that kind of stuff. Because the flu’s going around, and they just try to keep it clean.”

So if you want that southern style barbecue with some mean Brunswick stew, head over to Old Clinton Barbecue in Milledgeville.

It’s making the grade this week.

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