Restaurant Report Card: My Father’s Place

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “There’s people that have been coming here over twenty years, their kids have worked here,” said My Father’s Place owner Tim Lehenbauer. “We do a lot of school pizzas.”

If you’re a part of the Warner Robins family, then there’s no better place to be than at your father’s.

“It’s just a big family place that’s been around for a long time in Warner Robins,” said Lehenbauer.

“We get great service–the food’s phenomenal,” said customer Haley Carothers.

“It’s a pretty relaxed family environment,” said Lehenbauer.

My Father’s Place on Moody Road just wants you stop by and feel comfortable.

“We always get really good food here. I mean, I love the pizza here I love the garlic knots. What I love most is the wings. I’m a wing kind of girl,” said customer Haley Carothers.

But no matter what kind of person you are, your father is cooking for everyone at My Father’s Place.

“We try to offer a wide variety whether they want to come sit down eat relax, take it to go, or we’ll come deliver it to your house,” said Lehenbauer.

Your father keeps the place clean of course, with a perfect health inspection.

“People do take it pretty seriously seeing that report on the board,” said Lehenbauer. “We always try to keep a nice clean restaurant because food quality is number one. It keeps people happy.”

My Father’s Place is making the grade this week.

Here are a few restaurants that need to step it up this week.

Antojito’s Mexicanos Malinalli on Hawkinsville Road scored a 68.

The person in charge wasn’t there initially, an employee washed her hands with no soap, and the door was open with no way to keep bugs out.

Between The Bread on Mulberry Street scored a 74.

There were roaches in the kitchen, an employee put some pickles on a plate with bare hands, and some of the food wasn’t cold enough.

El Sombrero on Forsyth Road scored a 65.

There was no person in charge when the health inspector got there, an employee drank from a cup with no lid, and there was a fryer basket in the handwashing sink.

Other scores this week:

Creole Creations and More on Hawkinsville Road – 89

Danis Concession on Hawkinsville Road – 99

El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant on North Avenue – 91

Good Eats Concessions on Hawkinsville Road – 94

Jersey Wings and Fish on Hawkinsville Road – 95

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