Rep. Scott Talks to 41 NBC about the Debt Debate

Tonight, there’s still no deal in Washington. A plan laid out by House Speaker John Boehner passed the House, but was shot down just two hours later by the Senate, something District 8 Representative Austin Scott wasn’t expecting.  Earlier today Scott told 41 NBC he supported the speakers plan, but if it were him he would do a few things differently.

“My plan would have been to cut ‘Cap and Balance’ probably with more significant cuts at the front end of cut ‘Cap and Balance’ and with specific guidelines on anybody who receives social benefits. I’ve been a strong advocate all along of requiring drug testing for people who received tax payer funded benefits. The fact that somebody can have plenty of money to buy illegal drugs receives free housing or free food or something and that’s just not acceptable to me,” said Republican Austin Scott, District 8 Representative.

Scott told us it’s embarrassing that no action has been taken this late in the game. He said default is the longest path out of this recession, having the potential to raise interest rates and making it tough for businesses to borrow money and have the capital to invest.

Representative Scott believes the key to recovery and getting out of this “mess” is jobs.

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