Ragan takes Dockside Logistics ‘Armor’ for Bristol bumper tag

STATESVILLE, N.C. (FRM RELEASE) – David Ragan, driver of the No. 34 Dockside Logistics Ford, comments on racing at Bristol Motor Speedway:

“Bristol has changed a little the last couple of races. The guys who can run the bottom, they can make the passes and win the race. But there’s still grip up top, so you see a lot of guys running up there. But, you’ve got to pass on the bottom. I don’t know if Bruton (track owner Bruton Smith) has made any more adjustments since we were last there — who knows — but it’s always fun.

“The Bristol night race is an exciting atmosphere and is always a fun weekend. It leads into the final few races before the Chase to the championship begins, so there’s always a lot of energy going to Bristol for the night race. Our team gets excited to race there because we know we can run well. We had a 12th-place finish there a couple races back and know we can always be fast when we go there.

“Your car has to withstand a lot at Bristol. Our team builds our cars a little tougher for short tracks. There’s a little heavier-duty bracing and some of the sheet metal that we use to support the body panels. They put in a little extra armor to handle the bumper tags and restarts and fender-to-fender matches that you might encounter.”

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