Problems with TSA turnover

The starting pay for a TSA agent is about $34,000 a year.

They are on the front line in the battle against terrorism but don’t carry a gun.

With U.S. airports handling record crowds this summer, airlines and federal lawmakers say they want to improve morale and reduce the unusually high turnover rate among the nation’s TSA screeners.

Lawmakers and aviation experts have offered two solutions: either give airport screeners a raise and improve their employee protection rights or turn more airports over to private security firms.

A new study has some surprising results about charter schools.

The study, done by Princeton and Harvard economists on Texas charter schools, found that charter schools have a slightly negative impact on earnings down the road.

The authors aren’t able to come to any solid conclusions about why charter schools don’t seem to have the positive impact that their backers have touted. Perhaps it’s still too early for the potential of charters to have been fully realized.

The results were slightly better for the schools that had stricter discipline and extended classroom hours.

Stocks hit record highs again Monday as oil prices rallied.

The dow jumped 59 points to close at 18,636.

The S and P 500 and Nasdaq also hit new record high closes.

Also helping stocks-the thinking that the fed wont’ raise interest rates anytime soon.

There are some things that can’t be bought online and now department stores are turning to them to boost sales.

The Associated Press says it will focus more on services like restaurants and salons so customers would spend as long in the store as possible.

The stores are also trying to offer as many personalized services as possible.

Domino’s has decided to get in on this whole healthy food trend consumers have been into for the past few years, and will now be offering salads on all its menus nationwide.

The prepackaged salads come in three varieties for $5.99 each, when paired with any of the other mix-and-match menu items: there’s classic garden, chicken Caesar, and the chicken apple pecan.

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