Morning Business Report: 270 Apple stores open for business

Morning Business Report
March 2, 2021

  • 270 Apple stores open for business

  • Tonal opening up shops in Nordstrom

  • Stocks rocket higher as interest rates drop and more Americans are vaccinated

  • Factories are hot right now

All 270 Apple stores in the United States are now open for business.

It’s the first time that all U.S. stores are open since Apple started closing stores in response to the COVID-19 pandemic last spring.

Not all Apple stores in the U.S. are fully open for walk-in customers to go inside and browse, however. Customers should check Apple’s website before heading to their store in case it is appointment-only.


The maker of a $3,000 home gym is opening up shops in Nordstrom stores.

Tonal-branded mini-shops will debut in March in 40 Nordstrom locations across 20 states.

The 50-square-foot shops will be located in the women’s active department.


Stocks rocket higher as interest rates drop and more Americans are vaccinated. 

One Morgan Stanley analyst, Mike Wilson, told CNBC we’ve seen a crash in COVID cases and hospitalizations and may be able to reopen sooner than expected. 


Factories are hot right now. 

Manufacturers struggled to meet pent-up demand amid rising costs and labor force disruptions due to the pandemic

Unfilled orders surged to their highest level in 17 years, one gauge showed, while delivery times were the second-longest since 1979. 


The number of Americans traveling through airports is regularly topping a million a day. 

The TSA says on the last day of the month, Feb. 28, the number of passengers passing through airports nationwide surpassed 1.19 million.

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