Mom to Mom: Paint drip flower pots

(41NBC/WMGT) — Today, we are making paint drip flower pots, which is a super fun activity for your kids to do over the summer and they make really cool gifts as well! All you need are some flower pots, which you can get at any store, acrylic paint, and some tape, maybe some seeds and a flower to put in the flower pot.

First you want to put down some aluminum foil, then you’re going to take your pot and flip it upside down. That’s when you’re going to grab your tape and put it over the hole, then you want to take your acrylic paint, whatever colors you want, and kind of just drip it down the sides. You want to use enough to where it will just start dripping down the side of the pot. You want to put enough paint on the edges till you get the acquired effect that you want, just basically where it’s covered. And then once you have it to your desired look, you’re going to let it sit for a couple days. due to putting a lot of acrylic paint on there. So it’s going to take two to three days to actually dry.

Once it is dry, that’s when you can put your potting soil in, your favorite plant and then gift it to someone or stick it outside. This is a really fun thing for the kids to do!

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