Mom to Mom: Ring Pop Mocktails

Ring Pop Mocktails

In this segment of Mom to Mom, we have a fun drink your kids can ring the new year’s end with.

Ring Pop Mocktails instructions

It’s so easy, even your kids can make them. Just two ingredients.

  • Seltzer water
  • a Ring Pop

If you want to get more creative, you can always do colored sugar and cherries. It just makes the drink seem a little bit fancier. 

  • Start by getting cups and pouring in your seltzer water, just a little bit 
  • Then throw in your Ring Pop and let it sit for just a little bit to soak up the flavors. It takes on the flavor of the Ring Pop
  • To get real fancy with it, dip it in the water. Then you put it in your colored sugar. Twirl it around for a little bit. Get it nice and coated. Then you put your seltzer water in and then you throw your Ring Pop in and this is where I like to garnish with some cherries to make it seem extra special.
  • Add your fancy straw. Use the twisty ones because then you can twist it and turn it however you like, or of course, the kids will figure out how they like it. You just throw it in there and then boom. You got your mocktails.

It dissolves nicely and it is the perfect mocktail to ring in New Years’ with your kids. They’re absolutely going to love this and it tastes delicious.

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