Miracle Noodles: Key To Weight Loss

A lot of folks are snapping up Japanese miracle noodles online to lose inches.

MiracleNoodles04_08Others say they look too weird to eat, but nutritionists say the weight loss benefits the noodles pack can do wonders for your waistline.

They really aren’t noodles at all, but an Asian tuber, or root.

“A tuber called koon yook. And it’s actually a tuber that is almost all soluble fiber, and what’s wonderful about this product is that it has no calories, no protein, it’s very hypoallergenic,” explains Cleveland Clinic nutritionist Lillian Craggs.

The Miracle Noodle is also gluten and soy free.

Whole Foods Market sells a different kind of so-called “slimming noodle.”

Their shiratake noodle has tofu and a less bizarre texture.

Cragg says they’re another healthy option.

“Soluble fiber is very healthy for us, not just for our digestive health, but also to help lower blood sugar. It helps to lower cholesterol, and it also helps make you feel full,” she explains.

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