Marriage counselor shares how to get a happily ever after

Line dancing

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— As Mahatma Gandhi once said, where there is love, there is life. According to Bruce Conn, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Piedmont Macon, where there is love, there is commitment.

“Commitment may be more important than love, love needs to be there, but if you’re committed than you can grow together,” he said.

Conn says it’s good to do activities that don’t involve your romantic partner. But also he says it’s important to have quality time or a set date night to help keep the spark alive.

“It’s easy to get into small patterns and that’s okay but finding a new thing that’s interesting… but it’s kind of a challenge to find new things when you’ve been together a long time but you can rekindle the spark,” he said.

‘And 5, 6, 7, 8 Line Dancing’ offers and option for your date night. Owner and instructor, Shuanta Porter, opened the studio five years ago with her husband Gerard.

Porter says she started the classes as a way to offer a relaxing, fun environment for everyone. Many couples attend their classes with the goal of getting their spark back, or enhancing their spark. They say a lot of times, it works.

“Sometimes we’ll see the female will grab her companion like jumping up and hugging on him because they’re so excited. So that’s exactly what we want to see and that means we’re achieving our goal and that’s to help people remain happy in their relationship and keep that spark going,” she said.

The Porters will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in May. While they’ve had their ups and downs, opening the dance studio helped bring them closer. The couple says they dance at home all the time when Shuanta is creating new routines.

“We really have a good time with it so we really wanted to expand with that and teach other couples and just be like hey this is what we do for fun let us teach you so you could do the same so you can have a happy relationship as well,” she said.

Selfishness causes problems early on in marriages according to Conn. He says the best way to overcome those issues is to meet your partners needs.

“Too often we think our ideas are more important and if I can make what is important to her or him if I can make that important to me that’s going to create a better bond for us,” he said.

‘And 5, 6, 7, 8’ offers couples classes the first Saturday of every month. At 5 dollars a person, it’s an inexpensive way to have a fun date night to bring you closer to your partner.

“One hour, you know dance, leave, grab dinner, leave, go home, have fun,” said Gerard Porter.

‘And 5, 6, 7, 8 Line Dancing’ also offers a date night box if you want to learn to line dance at home. You can go to their website to sign up for a class or purchase a date night box.

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