Major retailer is closing up some of its stores earlier than planned

Macy’s will begin closing some of the 100 stores it plans to shutter by early 2017 before this year is up.

Macy’s says it’s closing 100 stores that are either underperforming or whose real estate is worth more than the business.

Macy’s has to release the exact list of which stores will close.

Another major retailer is shaking things up.

Target is planning hundreds of smaller stores, like 45-thousand square feet.

Dense, urban areas and college towns are target’s focus for small-format locations.

The ripping stock rally came to an end Wednesday.

The Dow lost 55 points, led lower by Financials.

The Dow is about to do something it’s only done twice in 20 years.

It’s on track to finish the year with bigger gains than the NASDAQ and S & P 500.

New data show that pets are still dying on airplanes.

Extreme temperatures and poor ventilation are to blame.

The Department of Transportation says 66 pets died in flight from January 2014 to august 2016.

The humane society advises air travelers to reconsider checking their pets as baggage if they have other options.

If you have an elementary school child-especially a girl, chances are you know all about Shopkins.

The tiny, plastic characters are all the rage and they will among the most popular gifts this season.

Market research firm NPD group reports that a 12-pack of assorted Shopkins was the single best selling toy last year, edging out items from popular properties such as Star Wars and Barbie.

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