Macon shoppers score big bargains by the pound

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – People looking for a good deal are in luck. That is because they have a new outlet store to add to the list of places to shop.

Not far from a donation location, is Macon’s first Goodwill outlet. A place that the company feels was due.

Once the doors were open, a wave of people flowed into the newest place to shop on Gray Highway in Macon.

Tim Ligon is the Chief Real Estate and Finance Officer for Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA.

“We identified this location as an area that we were not meeting the needs of the community, so this a great opportunity to open a Goodwill store in the East side of Macon,” Ligon said.

The company’s website explains that Goodwill is not only a place to shop but also a community resource center that helps job seekers with obtaining employment.

“Last year, we served over 16,000 clients and placed about 6,500 people into jobs,” Ligon said. He added that the money spent at the register goes back to community programs. “Proceeds help underwrite Helms College, which is a culinary and health services and to help expand those programs in Middle Georgia.

Derrious Costen drove a from an hour and twenty minutes away.

He says both the outlet and regular stores have their advantages.

“I like going to the regular stores because it’s kinda laid back, and I can take my time, but I like the outlets because you can get more bang for your buck,” Costen said.

He knew exactly what he was looking for too.

“Sportswear, vintage items from the ’90s, a lot of Nike vintage items, windbreakers, Tommy Hilfiger clothing; stuff like that,” Costen said.

And when Costen finds what he’s looking for he said, “I feel like I’ve hit a gold mine. It’s like a treasure hunt. Once I find it, I feel like I hit the lottery.”

The outlet sells most items at a low price of $1.59 per pound. And there is a steady stream of new products available daily. A total of 7 stores supply the outlet, and workers say that they change out items in the entire outlet three times a day, so there is always new inventory.

The new Goodwill Outlet store is 1340 Gray Highway, in Macon. If you are looking to donate, there is a drive-thru donation location less than a mile away at 980 Gray Highway.

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