Lung Cancer Awareness Month

(NBC NEWS) November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a time to ask your doctor if you should be screened.

The biggest challenge is diagnosing it early. It is important to know the treatments that are giving patients their best chance at survival.

For more than forty years, Jodi Russell’s been teaching children about exercise and health. What many do not realize is Ms. Russell is in the fight of her life–she’s battling lung cancer.

Doctors found a massive tumor in her lung, a diagnosis that makes her regret ever smoking.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, Dr. Kendal Hervert and her team launched nearly every weapon in their arsenal: chemotherapy and radiation, then immunotherapy.

“Sometimes cancer has an ability to hide, like a cloaking device, from our immune system. These drugs remove that cloaking and our own body can fight the cancer,” said Hervert.

Since lung cancer rarely has early symptoms, screening is critical, so ask your doctor if you need to be tested.

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