Lost In Transit: Puppies Home After Flight Mix-Up

(KTVB) A pair of puppies are finally home with new families in Idaho after a frustrating weekend of cross-country flights.

The puppies’ breeder in Virginia put them on a Delta Airlines flight en route to Boise on Saturday. From there, the dogs found themselves cris-crossing the country.

Josh Schlaich says it all started with a phone call on Saturday from a “No-Caller-ID” number. The person on the other end claimed to be a Delta Airlines employee.

“They said ‘Hey, just wanted to let you know the dog’s flight has been delayed and the dog is going to stay the night here.’,” Schlaich said. “They said, ‘Here’s the number of a person who’s going to take care of it, his name is Chris. You need to call them if you want anymore information, thanks, bye.'”

The numbers he was given to contact “Chris” were out of service. Schlaich says he called Delta several times only to get hung up on.

“It’s a culmination of uncaring customer service and bad logistics,” Schlaich said.

He later found out his puppy was being kept at a boarding site.

“We finally got the information,” Schlaich said. “They kind of vaguely said ‘Well it will go out on a flight tomorrow, should be there somewhere around one or two tomorrow afternoon’, which was today.”

When they showed up at the Delta cargo area of the Boise Airport Sunday afternoon, they were given the wrong dog.

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