Local artists express concerns about showcasing their art publicly

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Several Macon artists are feeling a lack of representation, when it comes to decisions about their art being showcased around town.

“Showing your art out publicly around macon can be…difficult.”

This is a reality for many local visual artists like Becca Balmes, co-owner of Ampersand Art Gallery.

Becca Balmes
“We have art that we’d like to put out but we don’t know who to talk to,” she said.

“People are trying to introduce art into the community and there is just different bureaucratic processes that can kill the product before it even gets started,” added Georgia Artisan owner Andrew Eck

Eck continued by saying that many times, it can be very difficult to get public projects approved–and even tougher to do them as quickly as the inspiration comes.

That power is left up to the county commission.

“Often times whenever they get push back, a lot of people just throw up their hands…and move on,” Eck said.

The mix between traditional values and contemporary art culture are just a few of the things unique to Macon. Now the concern is finding ways they both can move forward together.

“The problem is we’re not an orothodox city..we have a lot of vacant properties..we have a lot of these things where we need creative solutions to it,” said Eck.

Using spaces in blighted neighborhoods are one of the ideas he and others are considering to get their work out there. But, they can’t do it alone.

“We need a community that engages and supports artists as well,” Eck continued.

“Making that process easier for artists and saying hey we recognize that you have a contribution to make,” Balmes added.

He’s calling on citizens and politicians to lend their support to local artists wanting to put their art out around town.

Independent artists and business owners are working together to find more solutions.

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