Life Enrichment Center Helps Developmentally Disabled, Making Middle Georgia Great

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41 NBC/WMGT) – Making a difference and helping out others, typically starts with one person, then spreads from there. In Milledgeville, the idea of helping adults with developmental disabilities started at the Life Enrichment Center, and now thousands have caught on to help.

Based near the Georgia College campus, students and faculty are teaming up to help the efforts of the Life Enrichment Center.

Informally known as the LEC, nearly 80 adults receive care, training, and life skills, not only within the four walls of that building, but also throughout the city of Milledgeville, and the campus of Georgia College.

With music therapy, wood working, employment skills, art therapy, photography, and music lessons, the LEC is stepping outside the box to break down barriers and prejudice.

“They are no longer a person with a disability, or a consumer, or a client,” Barbara Coleman explains. Coleman is the Executive Director of the LEC. “They are a photographer, a dancer, a singer, a performer, an artist,” Coleman adds.

Photography classes are normal here. Some of the pictures, which hang in a Georgia College student-led exhibit called the Black and White Gallery, are even sold to help raise money for the LEC.

The gallery is run by Georgia College junior, Gabrielle Carrier.

“It’s really cool for the photographers to kind of show their individual creative aspects, through their photography. Because everybody sees something different through the eye of the camera,” Carrier explained.

But the newest partnership with Georgia College, is through a group that consists of some 1,300 hundred students from Fraternity and Sorority Life. These students aren’t getting any college credit for teaming up, they aren’t doing it because it’s a course requirement. In fact, the group presented a check for $1,000 to the LEC, to help further its efforts.

“It’s recognizing that people are people,” Reese Cohn of Fraternity and Sorority Life said about why the two groups came together. “Hopefully seeing this group of human beings, who we can interact with. We can have a great time with, and who we have a lot in common with.”

Coleman said the Life Enrichment Center can always use the help of volunteers. You can get more information by clicking here.

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