Inactivity during pandemic can cause long-term issues

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrown off exercise routines.

People sit at home for longer periods of time and become inactive.

Catalina Torres Lopez, the lead exercise physiologist at Medical Center Navicent Health, says inactivity can cause long-term issues.

“High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issues, increased risk for cancers, early-onset dementia, and then all of our mental health disorders, more depression and anxiety and stuff like that. So it really does affect everything,” Lopez said.

Lopez says any age group can be affected by illnesses caused by inactivity.

“We see it all across the board,” Lopez stated, “From little children who aren’t getting enough physical activity who are sitting in front of a screen playing video games, to just senior citizens who are just kind of scared of moving and have physical limitations so they don’t get enough physical activity.”

The staff at the Elaine H. Lucas Senior Center in Macon is helping put a stop to sitting idle. Workout instructor Andrea Lee says they are creating workout videos to keep the elderly up and moving.

Lee said, “We have to get our exercise in to keep them active, and to keep them up and moving we were already doing many of these things prior to COVID-19 so some of them are just things the seniors expect.”

Although the videos are for an older age group, Lee encourages the community to use them as inspiration to be active.

“My suggestion and advice would be to stay hydrated and stay active,” said Lee, “Staying active could be just walking outside just to mediate and just to get some fresh air, just to look at the beautiful skyline in Macon Georgia.”

If you notice that you’ve been sitting for 30 minutes or more, doctors at Navicent encourage simply standing up. Even standing can help engage muscles that you weren’t using while sitting down.

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