‘I thought it was funny’: Commissioner Lucas defends Facebook post

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Macon-Bibb Commissioner Elaine Lucas says she doesn’t have any regrets about recent posts she’s made on Facebook.

One of the posts, shared on her personal page on June 3 and brought to 41NBC’s attention Monday by several social media messages and phone calls, shows President Donald Trump in a casket.

“The president said that people ought to drink disinfectantthat it could go into the lungs and clean them out,” Lucas, the District 3 commissioner, said Monday. “I thought the post that was sent to me was kind of funny. It even had his wife Melania standing up there with Democrats, and there was a bleach bottle on the top of it. I thought it was funny.”

Lucas, who was re-elected to her commission seat on June 9 after running unopposed, said she’s seen other posts about Trump and chosen not to share them.

“It’s funnier than some of the ones that I’ve seen about him,” she said. “There’s some that are really ugly that I have chosen not to share, but there are some that are really, really funny.”

Another post Lucas shared on May 22 said in part: “You are not black if you support Trump.” Lucas re-shared the post later, commenting, “You can’t be black and support someone who is just like Trump. That is Lester Miller who is just like Trump. Don’t be fooled by Lester or any of those he has made promises to. VOTE CLIFFARD WHITBY.”

Miller and Whitby will meet in a runoff election for Macon-Bibb Mayor in August.

“That was back during the Joe Biden thing when Joe Biden said you’re not black if you support Trump,” Lucas said Monday. “And I totally agree with him—that the struggles of black people are totally not in sync with what Trump has in mind with all black Americans, so I cannot see—I don’t understand—how anybody black can support a Donald Trump.”

Lucas said “people ought to lighten up a little bit” and that people know where she stands on issues.

“I think everybody knows that I’m anti-Trump and anti-Lester Miller,” she said. “I will supportI am a Democrat and I will support Joe Biden for president, and I am supporting Cliffard Whitby.”

Lucas said she feels those who brought the posts to the media’s attention did so because it’s election season.

“They’re not caring about the fact that we’re right in the middle of a pandemic and people are not taking it seriously and that we’ve lost over 100,000 of our citizensU.S. citizensbecause of this virus,” she said. “They’re not thinking about that. They’re over there being nosy, checking in on my Facebook page. If you don’t like what’s on my Facebook page, if you don’t want to know what Elaine Lucas is thinking, stay off of my Facebook page.”

Lucas said anyone who has a problem with what she posts can “go to their own Facebook page, post something about how they feel about stuff.”

“I don’t have any regrets, because I screen the things that I don’t want on my Facebook page,” she said. “And the things that I like or that are funny especially, I certainly will continue posting them.”

Macon-Bibb Commissioner Joe Allen also faced criticism this month and apologized after a controversial comment he made on a Milwaukee television station’s Facebook live video.

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