Holiday Miracles 12-23-10: The Lunsford Family

Lareeta Lunsford and her four children have endured their fair share of difficulties in life. Lareeta was diagnosed with cancer early in 2010, and then lost her job shortly thereafter.

So with money being so tight, Lareeta and her children moved in with Lareeta’s Aunt May. Five people and two dogs now living under one very small house.

The holidays usually bring thoughts of happiness and good times for children with presents stacked piled under the tree. But Lareeta says this year, was going to be different.

“I actually thought my kids weren’t going to have a Christmas this year, because I got sick,” she says.

And although Lareeta didn’t know it, this year was about to change again. Only this time, it was a change for the better. This year, there would be presents for everyone.

The oldest, Donna, is an art student and recently won a scholarship to an art school in Atlanta. She opened art supplies.

Desiree found herself with a new digital camera, something she says she always wanted to have. And then 12 year old Anthony opened the biggest and best present of them all. A brand new Wii Nintendo system for the entire family.

With all the presents donated by local organizations, gifts for the kids were probably the biggest surprise for the Lunsford family. But presents under the tree weren’t the only gifts this year.

Stacked on the kitchen table was sugar, flour, bread, cookies, pasta, fruits and vegetables, and even a Christmas ham. According to Lareeta, it was a Christmas she’ll never forget.

“I didn’t think they were gonna have a Christmas. And they do, and it’s wonderful, and it’s more than what I would have ever expected.”

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