Holiday Miracles 12-21-10: The Worsley Family

The Worsley Family

A family of five, with one on the way is struggling to make a life in Macon.  They moved here eight months ago in need of a job they still can’t find.

Tisha Mosley is the soon to be mother of three children and a grandmother.  She wrote 41NBC asking for help, “We don’t have enough, but we try to make do.  This year we will not have any money to get our children anything for Christmas.”

With little to spend, the man of the house, Ronald Worsley, wasn’t looking forward to the holidays this year.

“I really wasn’t because like I said I’ve been down here for eight months and I’m still looking for work.  But it’s OK, we’ll survive,” said Worsley.

“It’s our first Christmas here and I just want it to be special for the kids,” explained Mosley.

It was one to remember.  The Worsley kids walked down the stairs thrilled to see gifts under the tree just for them.

“It means a lot cause now we actually get to have something,” said Nikia Worsley.

MP3 players and digital cameras lit up their eyes, but  nothing beat the joy on everyone’s face when they saw pots and pans and brand new beds that were theirs to keep!

“I’m really excited I have a bed to sleep on by myself now.  Right now I’m sleeping on the floor so he (brother) can have the bed to himself,” explained Teshawn Worsley.

Even with little to spend, the Worsley’s see they still have so much to celebrate this year!

“I’m thankful to have such a beautiful fiancé and such wonderful kids, and thankful that we can all be here together and celebrate together,” said Ronald Worsley.

“Thank you, that’s it, thank you,” cried Tisha Mosely.

The surprise was a success!

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