Holiday Miracles 12-20-10: The Wood Family

The Wood Family

Michael, Glenn, Brandi, Joe, and Brandon are the Wood family.

This year has been especially difficult for them because Michael can’t find work, and Brandi’s working double-time to make ends meet.

That’s why Michael’s dad wrote us a letter asking 41NBC for a Holiday Miracle.

We unloaded bags of toys and groceries for the family.

And then the surprise.

The boys were happy with bikes, new games, toy cars, and especially the NERF guns.

It’s been a tough year for the Woods family, but they’re staying optimistic.

Brandi Wood told us, “It’s just been really hard you know, with daddy not working and mama doing it all by herself.  Everything will be OK though.  It always will you know, no matter what.”

A special thanks to our sponsors this year: State Bank & Trust, Ashley Furniture, Middle Georgia Honda Dealers, Macon Transfer, and Toys R Us.

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